2 Months To Go

So it’s two month’s before I become lawfully attached to my partner in crime. Everyone’s favourite question is ‘how are the plans going’ and the genuine answer is ‘fine’. We’ve had two years and we’ve used them well.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that one of the final details won’t magically turn me into a panicking Bridezilla, but not just yet.

Workwise, things are steady. There is a good team here, but the size of the company means projects are split over multiple sites. It doesn’t take a complete leap in logic to fathom the many problems this causes, but that’s my main grumble for now, which can’t be too bad.

Personal projects have been neglected, including this very blog. I’ve not done the lovely responsive design I wanted. I’ve not converted angravedesigns.com into something prettier and better content managed.

And worst of all, I’ve just not been writing. I’d wanted to convey my utter perplexion at proposed internet filtering laws, including expressions of frustration about how ill informed people in power are about such things except Dave Williams did a far better job then me. And is better informed of the technicalities.

So, to conclude, I am not committing to anything until October. Then when Big Life Commitment is done, I will follow this by committing a bit more to the personal stuff.

But for now….

Bunny With A Pancake On It's HEad