Almost Done

It turns out I did much better in the exam then I expected with a good pass. Modules are not graded, but I am happy to pass given my worry about the exam! I also managed to pass Foundation in Business Analysis module quite well too, even though that was home studied.

Last week, I did my third module and exam in Systems Analysis Essentials. Thankfully I managed my time a lot better this time around though I found some of the questions a little ambigously worded. It was on this course I discovered that BCS also offer a Diploma in Solutions Development that I would have done two of the modules in already. Tempting as it is to book more courses, without a money tree I think I will have to wait on more study!

My final module in Business Analysis Practise is also home-studyed with an exam in London next week. I admit I’m a little worried as I found the on-site classes very helpful, with many group exercises and a tutor to query. Shall persevere though.

A secondary benefit of the classes is meeting people. This is because:

  1. Usually, I’m quite a social creature. If I’ve had my full complement of sleeping hours that is.
  2. Hearing about their experiences and relating them to my own. Things I have done in previous roles is not to far from what was being described which will make transitioning from developing a touch easier. Well in my head anyway.

All in all, I’ve felt it’s been very worthwhile but I am looking forward to getting back into work again, unseasonably warm weather or not!