Long Week

It’s been quite a long, tiring and eventful week and I wanted to wait till the working part was over before writing about it.

Unfortunately, I have been made redundant from my role with The Telegraph Media Group as of yesterday. The timeline between knowing my job was even at risk to the announced decision has been very short. This time last week I had a few grumbles about a slow workflow, but otherwise thought of my job as ‘safe’.

On Monday a general email that was sent around hinting at what was to come, but a manager confirmed that 2 roles within my team were disappearing and that we would know by Friday who that would effect.

This is my third experience of redudancy and it’s definetly been the most swift and least expected. I’d received a decent bonus at Christmas and a performance based pay rise in the New Year which I took as a sign that the business was doing fine. Perhaps the larger the company, the less transparent things actually are.

The silver lining is the financial compensation is enough to buy me some time to think about the next steps in my career. I love being involved with web work, but I’m not entirely sure my future lies in development.

I’m going to take a week out for a rest before launching into the job of looking for a job as this week has been a bit of a strain. My Telegraph team mates were a good bunch and I just hope things don’t go sour for them.