24 Days Of Gratitude – Day 2 – Maternity Leave

Yes, I know it’s the 3rd, but most people haven’t woken up for the day so it doesn’t count. Right? I’ll be busy today. This morning at least, and as I am up from seeing to babby and needing some water, I may as well!

Even though it’s drawing to a close, maternity leave has been brilliant. I’m extra fortunate as my job has enhanced maternity pay and this has let me spend time with my daughter doing fun things which has enriched both of us, I think.

She now loves swimming, even if she tries to whine put off some of the activities. She’s all smiles through most of it.

I’d happily slap anyone who says it’s like free holiday though. I think I’ll be less tired when i go back to work!

So hooray for maternity leave!