24 Days Of Gratitude – Day 1 – Home

As an atheist, I mark Christmas for more cultural reasons then spiritual. Contemplation should be for the whole year, but inevitably it’s at the darkest time, as the calendar year drawers to a close, that reflection, for me, becomes inevitable.

I started doing this as a series of Facebook updates but I think I’ll add them here to. I did something of a similar ilk last year and will probably make this a bit of a tradition.

So for each day of advent, I’ll be posting something I’m grateful for. I reserve the right to be trivial with some of them though!

And for today….

As much as I like the satisfying crunch (and not so much the slid or skip) of ice under foot, coming into a warm cosy house. It may not be mine, but it is home.

I’m going to donate a fiver to Shelter for those who are less fortunate.

(I’m unlikely to give money every day as I am down to the minimum on maternity pay)