24 Days Of Gratitude – Day 5-11

Day 5

Heated seats in cars. Some people would say a needless extra but I am grateful for a toasty butt on these chilly winter days. Especially in Sam’s leather seated car.

It was also amazing in pregnancy. For many reasons. Mostly the lower back pain though!

Day 6

This here slanket is so warm and snuggly.

See. Some of them are going to be trivial. Especially on a busy and tiring day.

Day 7

Food and lack of hunger. Not to be taken for granted.

I went for about a 6 months with a seriously diminished appetite. Eating became more like something I had to do rather then enjoyable. Consequentially, I got to my lightest adult weight and whilst still not underweight it may have gone that way perhaps? Still not sure quite what happened. I got pregnant and regained my appetite before I got to see a specialist and there was bugger all they could test me for whilst up the duff.

Now I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been but thankful that I can enjoy food again. But also thankful I can afford to eat and keep my family fed.

Day 8

Those professionals who work to educate and look after the kids despite the awful overseeing government bodies.

Ambers been making some new friends at nursery.

Day 9


I recently made Sam laugh so hard I was worried about his breathing. All I did was tell him he sounded like Muttley…

The early hours of my labour were spent watching stand up comedy on Netflix. Think it worked quite well then!

I love to laugh. I think Disney made a song of it.

Day 10


Often gets criticised for being brainless…but sometimes that’s just what you need.

And can be educational.

We’re watching The Last Kingdom at the moment. Definitely better then i expected.

Day 11

Friends. I don’t see enough of them. It’s great when I do.