24 Days Of Gratitude – Day 12-15

Things got busy. Managed to keep up on FB but not here. Catchup time!

Day 12

Calendars and wearable technology without whom I might actually forget what day it is.

I am le tired.

Day 13

My health. Mental and physical.

Could do with exercising a bit more and laying off the refined sugar a bit. And needless to say, more sleep.

But mostly good then not. Should not be taken for granted.

Day 14

I was recounting to my colleagues about how the first pub visit and G&T after labour was 5 days post-partum. It’s possibly the most amazing G&T I’ve ever had.

Today is ‘hurrah for gin’. (Also the name.of an amusing blog/book).

Day 15

Turns out there’s quite a wide range of take out cuisine available here. Have been enjoying Udon this evening and will be trying the sushi next time. There’s Caribbean, Nepalese and the usual.

And a Nandos over the road…