Big (Or Little) News

All those with a keen eye on my social media accounts will notice I, allbeit discreetly, announced my upcoming induction to motherhood. Exciting, and a bit of a scary, new adventure there then! I know people will probably wait until they see me in person to ask, but thought it might be good to get some of the expected questions out of the way for those who see me less often, though I’m happy to answer questions via email/twitter/comment/smoke signals (though you may have to wait for good weather and better distance).

I suspect some people might have a few questions about ‘Bun’ and related, so guess I am trying to tackle them as efficiently as possible:

  1.  When are you due?
    Due date is given as April 7th 2016. Pretty sure one of my books said there’s actually 5% chance of babies actually arriving on their due date and anecdotal evidence confirms that. I’m also told first-timers are usually late too.
  2. What are you having?
    A baby! We don’t know the sex yet as it’s fairly early on (I’m 14 weeks 6 days today. I have an app that tells me).
  3. Was it an accident?
    No, but we have been trying for a while and it was a surprise in so much we’d started seeking medical intervention and I’d done a fair bit of research into the next steps. I tested the morning we were due an appointment at a Fertility Clinic, as a matter of course, and was so surprised I did 2 other tests after that (1 straight after and another later in the week).
  4. So how about work?
    This is fine at the moment. Everyone knows about it and I am getting excellent support. Having a desk job makes it easier, and being able to work from home is very helpful. I love technology.As for how much time I’ll take off, I’m not sure yet. I do not plan on quitting though, but I will make sure that childcare options are well researched, as well as seeing how thoughts and feelings change as the whole experience develops.
  5. And hobbies?
    SCUBA diving is out of the question, though we’ve not done this for a while and that’s partly down to health.Crossfit and general sport stuff has been neglected for similar reasons. I’m hoping to go back to yoga, but am considering replacing routine exercise with swimming or walking as it’s about as much I feel I can handle at the moment.
    I have quit my referee position at Curious Pastimes because the responsibility of looking after a young child means I just can’t make the commitment. I hope to be back as a customer, but I don’t know when that will be. I will not be doing any more events in the ‘off season’. Sam’s plans may differ to my own, so you will have to contact him about that.And I will miss you all, so please keep in touch.
  6. Name?
    I am making little lists, but I am not sure I will be able to choose until bun is actually here. Surname will be an interesting one, seeing as how hubby and I don’t currently share one, but we have made a decision about that and you will have to wait and see!