I refer mostly to my blog posts rather then sanity.

I mentioned briefly being unwell in my last post. It wasn’t quite as cut and dry as I figured and I’ve had months of various tummy troubles and related. As such, my fitness and gym training have gone to pot. I’ve had good weeks here and there where I returned to the gym, only to find my fitness levels thoroughly sapped even then. These days even the stairs can be a struggle. I am seeing  doctors about it though, so am hoping it’s nothing much. Really I should be doing *something* even just walking but I have found myself even anxious to do any light activity. Perhaps a reluctance to admit that is what also has turned me away from updating the blog.

What I have managed to do from my list is try yoga – well start at least. Zoe Goodyear does classes based in Andover in Ashtanga style yoga which is actually quite strenuous compared to the Hatha stuff I did before. Not in a bad way though! But this style is good for anyone who doesn’t think yoga can be challenging.

Sewing wise, I have restarted a project and dropped it again – I only have one seam for goodness sake! Some playing about with the Singer lead us to realise that some bits were missing but the electrics on it also went. With that in mind, we decided to spend some of my bonus on a new machine, as Sam sometimes needs it too. Like most projects, I need to persevere. At least now in Andover we have some dedicated space for crafts, though the room does often turn into the drying room for our clothes though.

The move to Andover went fairly smoothly and the decision to hire movers was a good one. We’re really settled now but still getting to know the areas. Work commute is much faster and less prone to delays, but it is a bit more effort to see friends in Reading and Leicester.

Whilst I’ve switched to a better run project area at work things are still intense so my interest in personal projects continue to wane. Thankfully personal development is pretty important here, so I have had the chance to look at new things (to me!) such as Grunt and Mocha.