Cieran Kelso: Hadrian’s Wall Walk

Twice in one week! I must be feeling some sort of blogger’s guilt.

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while and actually thought I had. Probably dreamt it as seemingly I talk about databases in my sleep so it’s possible.

In October myself and an intrepid band of geek types will be walking an 84 mile route over 6 days in aid of Cieran Kelso. The video here explains more about the charity:

As it’s a personal fundraiser, gift aid on tax cannot be claimed so there is no just giving page. There is however a Paypal page. If you donate by paypal please give some reference to it being for the Hadrians Wall Walk.

I realise this isn’t the most efficient of donation systems, but with limited budget and limited personal time, setting up a dedicated payment gateway is not an option at the moment. Please give though!

A lighthearted promo video type thing for the walk. MtfU is more of a walking title but to be fair it does describe what we are doing quite well all be it in a weird gender-bias way 😉

There are some plans afoot to record video blogs and take photos. I may end up posting some here. If you donate 😉

via PayPal

Cieran Kelso’s Website

Edit: The PayPal link stopped working which I suspected so I copied the button from the website. No idea why PayPal links have to work like that, but very annoying! Also have added another video which I believe would work better with sound as the dialogue is designed to time with the music 😉