Between new job, wedding planning and attention grabbing hobbies I have completely bypassed keeping this blog up to date as I intended.

To shame myself, here is a list of things on my ‘things-that-never-seem-to-get-done-but-need-to-get-done’ list:

  • Design, design, design – I’ll be frank, I’ll mostly be finding a website I like the look of, tweaking it and making a WordPress theme out of it. I am a design dunce.
  • Move in with the husband to be. This also covers the task of setting up a more comfortable and lovely geek space so I actually want to work on personal projects. And also solve the guilt of my lovely PC being used for not much more then a television at the moment.
  • Do the final ISEB Diploma exam. Passed the modules, go the job, though about booking the time to do it. Maybe do it at Christmas?
  • Write an actual serious and well researched article on a web topic and maybe even present it to my colleagues. Topic include, but are not limited to (and opinion is welcome)
    • UX – Familiarity vs Innovation – speaks for itself? Shiny new ways to layout and navigate compared with conventional paradigms.
    • Forecast – 5 year and 10 year predictions for the web. And me. (this topic will be less serious, more ridiculous).
    • Gestures and whatnot – using gestures on devices – history of etc. (that classic, Black and White, was the first time gestured interaction even occured to me. And I remember when Black and White was new and shiny…)

HOWEVER – I have been doing Twitter!

Keep safe everyone.