Eco Deodorants

I’m not a scientist and admit I’ve not researched much in the best ways to go about reducing my impact on the planet but I do know that small changes are the easiest way to implement routines long term.
With that in mind, I’ve been looking to the cosmetic products I use daily to lessen my single plastic use and user kinder ingredients and processes.

One thing I’ve had trouble finding is a deodorant that matches my criteria:

  • Lasts the whole day with moderate to low activity.
  • Neutral or mild scent. I’m pretty easy going with smells.
  • Easily recyclable container
  • Easy, non messy application
  • Can pop into gym bag or handbag and take anywhere
  • Comparable price to my previous favourite. I expect to pay a little more for more expensive ingredients, processes and smaller batches though.

My old favourite was Mitchum roll on. Retails about £3 and it’s strong enough to be applied every other day and lasts me about 4/5 months. I’m not expecting to find the same performance and I don’t mind a more frequent application, but on looking most of the more ecologically kind products retail from £6-£13 so double to more then four times of what I currently pay. Yikes!

Products I Have Tried So Far

Ben & Anna ‘Nordic Timber’ (

Ben & Anna Deodorant, showing the wear on the paper tube toward the end of use.

Paper tube and vegan. This one smells great and lasts for a day. The application is easy enough post shower BUT is a little crumbly if applied dry. Didn’t leave any marks on clothes.
I didn’t have any issues with the tube disintegrating as seen on some web reviews, BUT I did struggle to push the tube up and finish with my small fingers and ended up having to find a pen to use. Not ideal in the gym!

I used it alongside the Mitchum I was finishing off but it did go down quite fast and at £9.95, it’d make a noticeable dent in my bank account.

Lush ‘Teo’ –

It smells nice (I like it) but that’s possibly the only positive thing I have to say about this. And the price I guess, but then I don’t like using it so that will add some longevity!

The first time I used this, not after shaving and without any known skin sensitivities, I got a mild burning feeling for about an hour after and pink pits. The surface was also rough and uncomfortable to apply.

It took me a few days to figure out that the only way to get it to last beyond an hour was applying it wet – and even using a touch of water made it crumbly.

Aramaco might work better but I won’t be buying this again

Earth Conscious – Lavender and Tea Tree (

Lovely fresh scent and a lot smoother then the Ben and Anna stick – not at all crumbly. The tube is shorter so may not have the same issues as previous. Applied fine when dry and not too badly priced, but I am sad that I lost my tube before I had a chance to find out it’s value!

Packaging advises being modest with applying it but I found I needed a few swipes to get it to last the day.

I may go back to this but I want to try a few other brands first. I’ll post again when I’ve tried more, though hopefully I will find ‘The One’ and not need to!