Resolutions – 2019 Edition

Apparently, I set some goals September 2017. How unconventional of past me. I suspect that’s because I was going though an unusually energetic phase of feeling motivated. Let’s see how I got on:

  • ✅ Try a new LARP system (Land Without A King)
  • ✅ Get tattoo
  • ❌ Complete my Business Analysis diploma
  • ❌ Set up sewing machine and complete blouse and do other small sewing tasks
  • ✅ Start strength/barbell training once a week

This is fine, though I’ve slacked off the strength stuff in December due to the gym being closed from Christmas Eve until Wednesday (am looking elsewhere now).

The lack of sewing is little surprise as I have been neglecting al the quiet hobbies like knitting and reading as well. Even audiobooks got pushed aside for some reason.

Motivation to complete diploma is low due to wanting to spend spare time doing casual fun things which does not include study, as I spend lots of my time doing housework when I am not doing my 9-5 (sigh).

This doesn’t even include the tech orientated things I want to look at. Currently on that list is this:

  • ✅ React JS
  • ❌ Angular JS
  • ❌ Flexbox
  • ✅ Source control (I do use it, but this is more to do with how to do this better on a work project)
  • ❌ Google Go.

Specifically more practiced at Git, but this is also because work has finally been adopting it properly. I need to do more React AND Typescript so that’ll move over into next year.

So here’s the list for 2019:

  • Reduce single use plastics and generally lesson my impact on the world – started already, but need to get more reusable items like wax wraps, look at detergents and maybe eat vegan once a week.
  • Continue the regular exercise and better eating habits (including keeping a healthy attitude to it all)
  • Career stuff – either complete the Diploma, or dedicate more motivation to studying React. Definitely spruce up my CV and tinker with tech a bit more.
  • Call my Mum more.
  • Work on the travel anxiety – I have a bit of low level worry when driving, especially motorways but I get it as a passenger as well sometimes. This alongside my weariness of planes effects my decisions to have more fun. Which is shit, basically.
  • Invite people over more.
  • Do more knitting and/or reading.

Let’s see how that goes eh?