March Madness

Alliteration is a bit cheesy, but I think justified in this case. And yes, I know it’s April but March zipped by so fast I didn’t get a moment to blog.

I Like to Move It, Move It

It’s only been a month, but it seems like so long ago now. The move went with unexpected ease, but I think the time we had to pack really helped.

It’s taken us this long to get broadband though, due to long and tedious mis-communication from some suppliers. You can imagine how trying that was for me (first world problems, eh?).


Snow and snow and snow, and sun, and snow. Woke up one morning in our new place to surprise snow. West Berkshire had been pretty clear till then.

Thankful that it is now clearing up, though, as I want to garden. Yes, you did read that correctly. I’m not chained to my computer(s).

The Search for Employment

Has now ceased, thankfully, but was an ongoing activity in March.

I was a touch concerned at how quiet things were on that front in Jan/Feb. I’m still not certain that it was general job market sluggishness from Christmas, but I had plenty to do with the move anyway and was relieved when things picked up in March.

So now I’m working for the technical web team Virgin Media as a Front-End developer. There are lots of reasons for going back to a dev role, which probably require their own blog post, but I am defiantly still evangelising proper technical analysis and project planning for web projects, where techies are pivotal n making the early decisions and getting better solutions for users. Hopefully, that is something I can do here.