Resolutions: A Review

So 9 (ok, so more like 10) months in and lets see how I’m doing on that sketch:

Reduce single use plastics etc.

We moved house in August and, happily, our new local authority has a wider range of what it will take for recycling. Reuse is better though and I do try. I’ve also managed to locate a nearby shop that does refills and supplies sustainable and environmentally conscious products.

Regular Exercise & Eating Well

I manage three times a week at a Crossfit gyms as I find the variety and atmosphere works well for me. I’d like to squeeze in one more session to mainly work on skills and mobility.

Diet is fine. I don’t track, but maybe I should!

Career Focus

Well, with an end date looming at the end of November, CV and LinkedIn have definitely been spruced and are under continuous review.

Lack of both work and personal time means I haven’t quite got my teeth into (literal) personal (web) development, though I have have managed to complete courses on Pluralsite and LinkedIn in TypeScript, React.js, node, express and web pack. Applying them is a completely different matter.

Call my Mum more

I think so? It’s been tough with a house move. Always feel like it’s never enough and now appreciate the benefits of seeing my grandparents on a weekly basis growing up.

Travel Anxiety

Has definitely improved due to a number of things but one primary reason is the lengthier daily commute that includes a chunk of M and A roads plus other strategies for quelling worry.

Invite people over more

Tricky when we’ve moved further from a lot of people and still have a degree of unboxing and organising to do. That might be one for next year!

Do more knitting and/or reading

I possibly find knitting easier to get in to, but I have certainly be doing more of that. Made a hat for a friend and am making some cardigans for the spate of babies born to friends this year! That’s a new skill level for me as well and I love having a hobby that’s useful.