What’s Changed and What Hasn’t

What hasn’t changed: the frequency with which I post, it would seem though maybe I have gotten worse perhaps.

I was so sure I’d updated less then a year ago and I think this is because I’d drafted so many posts regarding my thoughts on the pandemic but published none of them. This is mainly because my thoughts and feelings would often change rapidly, skipping from anxious, to angry and with moments of apathy and most of it directed at society, attitudes and behaviour. Mainly I’m disappointed with how authorities have handled things: putting too much import on economic interests and not enough on human lives leading to people generally not taking it seriously enough and measures being lacklustre.

And that’s not to mention the completely off-the-wall conspiracy theories. There are better hobbies out there which can also be done from home.

What has changed: the company I work for and what I do day to day in my role.

Gone from a huge telecoms company with an erratic flow of work in which progress was slow and frustrating to a small e-commerce, digital marketing software company where the stream of work is steady and interesting.

Obviously working primarily from home was not the plan, but as it was a frequent occurance at VM, not too taxing an adjustment, mentally. The period without child care was tricky to negotiate, but I was furloughed for some of that time and thankfully, nurseries resumed business only shortly after my husband had to go abroad for work at short notice, such is the nature of the armed forces alas.

Logistic annoyances aside, we’re doing ok. Not really seen much of friends and family beyond internet interactions for their and our protection but also, as someone who has had to previously make use of emergency NHS care, I’m acutely aware of how important it’s availability is. Limiting my social interactions seems a small price to try and help save lives but must admit it is difficult to witness many not holding the same regard.