The Littlest Oglesson

So I’ve been rubbish.

I was about to contact my lovely host about disappearing WordPress entries, but a quick glance over my twitter confirms that I have not updated since February and therefore not gloated written about my lovely baby daughter.

Fair enough. Here is the little nugget:



‘A’ was born Tuesday 19th April at 1215, so just in time for lunch then. 12 days late, but a diddy 2.58kg (5lb 11oz). We’d no idea she was going to be so little as a growth scan at 36 weeks indicated she’d be about 7lbs. She caught up in her initial weeks, but is still quite small now but super cute and healthy.

It was a 9 hour labour, which I’m told is quite speedy for a first timer. The disadvantage of this being that the contractions ramped up fairly swiftly and went from being a mild pain to a ‘WTF was that?’. That said, all was straight forward and I got to have the low interference birth I wanted at a midwife led birth centre rather then a hospital. I made do with gas & air, birth pool and hypnobirthing, which ended up helping me more then I imagined. I can’t recommend the wonderful Nancy from Birth Right Hypnobirthing enough. She runs group classes if you’re down Aylesbury way as well as private lessons.

Also much credit to the staff at the Hampshire Hospitals Maternity Centre as we saw a few different midwives and everyone was wonderful. They all put up with my swearing beautifully.

Almost 6 months on now and of course the cliches about each day being different are all true. But then so is the lack of sleep. Agh! Love her to bits of course.

Back to work after Christmas though. It’s all catching up with me too quickly!