24 Days Of Gratitude – Day 16-24

My apologies – I am well behind on this. Enjoying my last weeks off with my baby daughter.

Day 16


Sleeping Amber

Day 17

Hmmm cocktails.

Day 18

Too tired to say much so another trivial one.

Exercise is amazing. I just need to remind myself how amazing and stay motivated.

Day 19

I’ve spent a lot of time sitting on my sofa today. Good job it’s well comfy.

Day 20

The hubster. Appeared at a time when I was convinced most men were douche canoes. Proceeded to be very non douchey at me. And here we are 8 and a half years later.

Turns out he’s an excellent father too!

Day 21

For those who helped make labour the swift, uncomplicated and happy experience it was. Whilst some of it was probably luck/coincidence there’s no doubt people like Nancy, Sam and the lovely midwives I had (who put up with my swears beautifully) did an amazing job, so thankyou.

Day 22

My parents. I wouldn’t be here without them. But they are amazing and, of course, the best parents ever

Day 23


Day 24

DANGNABBIT I meant to do a separate one for friends and family but my stamina, my current enemy, thwarted me again.

Because it would be wrong to blame my daughter, right?

But yeah I have rocking friends and family. Friends who are almost like family. Too many to name but big love to you all.

Apologies for maybe not being as present this year in both my mind and physical precense but I’m sure I’m forgiven.

Enjoy Christmas!