My existence requires more hours, please

Between a house move, return to full time work, and trying to milk the most out of evenings and weekends with my daughter, this has fallen by the wayside even more then before perhaps. Let’s ignore prior sporadicity eh?

What I have been doing, however, is managing my domains and letting some of the old ones go. For example has now gone. As my first ever domain brought whilst at university, and cheapest, it was a bit of a push but I don’t feel it’s really relevant to me anymore. I’m considering what to do with simply because there is always the ‘what if’ question and also because it’s what I’ve been called most of my career. Makes more sense to keep hold of them. For now anyway.

Time efficiency is a big things for me at the moment. I’ve accepted that with extra responsibility that personal interests have to take a lower priority. This doesn’t eliminate them completely, however, but I do have to be a bit more picky about what I do and when. Current tool of choice is Google Keep because it is simple and I can share it with relevant people. Open to suggestions of other tools, but I do not feel that strict time tabling or gantt charts are for me just because of the curveball life likes to throw. Not that my life is so spontaneous, but perhaps I wish it were?

There many, many things on my long term wish list of things I would like to do with the little spare time I get. Currently on the list:

  • Try a new LARP system (Land Without A King, Empire (which I did for 1 day back in 2014, but I don’t count as really trying)
  • Get tattoo (this has been on the list for probably 10 years, ffs)
  • Complete my Business Analysis diploma (just the final exam to do, and I hate leaving things unfinished)
  • Set up sewing machine and complete blouse and do other small sewing tasks
  • Start strength/barbell training once a week

This doesn’t even include the tech orientated things I want to look at. Currently on that list is this:

  • React JS
  • Angular JS
  • Flexbox
  • Source control (I do use it, but this is more to do with how to do this better on a work project)
  • Google Go.

Quite a list eh? And hence this morning’s tweet:

You’ll notice the ‘create own wordpress theme’ is missing from the list. It really should be there, but then so should be checking all my dev tools are present and updated on my personal environments.

So…does anyone have a fully operational time turner to lend me?

Merida from brave, head-desking

Me, once I’ve realised all the things I want to do