Busy Doing Nothing…

Ok, so that’s a bit unfair. I have been doing stuff. I wouldn’t say I was horribly busy, but I am very easily distracted, but I’ve had nothing of any particular note to report back on. 2014 has largely been a year of great steadiness and contentment and no one is much interested in that!

2015 has gotten off to a bit of a rubbish start, carrying over minor muscle injuries from last year and a month long tummy bug which has put a halt on doing Crossfit and much else for that matter. Appetite is only just beginning to return and I am still a little weary about food, but that’s diminishing as the days go on.

I do not make any particular resolutions at New Year as I think you are prone to setting yourself up for failure. Things I would like to accomplish in 2015 include:

  • Participate¬†in an obstacle race. This was something I was supposed to do in September, but the Saturday run was cancelled and I wanted the day after to recover with no holiday left.
  • Sew something. I’ve inherited my Nan’s Singer and it appears to work. I just now need to try actually making something with it.
  • Start Yoga. As an addition to my Crossfit, my flexibility needs looking at and I think this might help.
  • Doing some of the tech projects I promised to do ages ago. This includes:
    • Making a design for this site
    • Putting Angrave Designs into WordPress and chatting with the owner about updating content
    • Creating an App to aid some of the stuff I do as a member of staff at Curious Pastimes.

We move to Andover next week, so I intend on being a bit more proactive in the above after that’s sorted out. Am looking forward to living in a place where the commute will be swifter and I won’t have to perform some kind of sacrificial ritual to actually get the heating to work.