Hello WordPress, My Old Friend

An update of sorts. The list from the previous post looks a little like this:

  • Try a new LARP system (Land Without A KingEmpire (which I did for 1 day back in 2014, but I don’t count as really trying)
  • Get tattoo (this has been on the list for probably 10 years, ffs)
  • Complete my Business Analysis diploma (just the final exam to do, and I hate leaving things unfinished)
  • Set up sewing machine and complete blouse and do other small sewing tasks
  • Start strength/barbell training once a week – Yes and no

So not bad really. Number 3 is definitely a priority but admit motivation is a struggle when there’s full time work and household chores to consider, though the future isn’t just about me any more so there’s always that to consider.

There have been a few unexpected obstacles so far. At the end of March, I woke up and started experiencing intense pain. 9 hours later I was undergoing emergency, life saving keyhole surgery. Though minimally invasive, it’s still been enough of a slap to the system that I’m still feeling a little under the weather. It’s like 2 steps forward and 1 step back, which is still progress I suppose. I’d been doing with the exercise up until this point as well. Hopefully I will return this week.

I also ran in the local elections, compounded by the above so, unsurprisingly, I did not win it but it was a generally positive experience. I’m not sure as to whether I will try again as there are a number of life changes due (involving both our jobs) so I do not think I can commit to it.

Generally things are well, which is why I do not have much to say about it!