Less Plastic Please

I realise that since David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2 broadcast that plastic reduction has become a hot topic. Admittedly, I did not watch this episode else I explode in a fiery ball of guilt (and greenhouse gasses). Numerous friends on social media have posted (not preached!) about the lifestyle changes they’ve made to help the cause, and because I am acutely aware that it is a problem, I am going to try and be more sustainable with my purchasing and living in general. Things that are easily achievable at first, perhaps, and that won’t make me want to quit if they are too difficult to implement starting with cosmetics. I’ll work my way up to the trickier things and hopefully convince hubby to participate. In the meantime any tips/tricks are welcome!

So I guess maybe I need to add this to my list of objectives for the year as from the last post. I am now lifting three times a week but think coaching will need to happen at some point to get my technique on point. Right now I am just doing what I can within safer limits and do check my form in the mirror BUT could probably do with some pointers.

On a note related to personal health, I tried a Thriva test kit recently which showed that this pale ginger with an office job and a suncream collection had low Vitamin D! Since then I have been to Majorca and spent a lot of the recent heatwave walking about outside as well as taking supplements. I’ve had problems with weak and splitting nails for most of my life and they are always vastly improved when I supplement (as I did in pregnancy). As well as that, I’ve been eating a bit less crap and exercising a bit more so will be interested to see if it’s improved anything else on the test. Though still often fatigued, it has lessened and I am fitting into more and more of my pre-pregnancy clothes so all in all it’s been a very positive experience.