Vlogging Revisited

Pondering using Instagram to broadcast updates on my life for several reasons:

  1. Facebook has just become so disordered lately in what it does/doesn’t show. As a busy person (full time work, parenting, trying to have my own life etc.) I’ve leant on social media somewhat to stay in touch with my friends and am increasingly finding FB less fit for purpose. Instagram also seem to target their ads a lot better and I find myself seeing much more relevant things on there then facebook. Plus fewer memes and less angry, ranty folk.
  2. The time limited videos will incentivise me to quit rambling and consider what I am saying rather then the warbly tangents that occured during previous vlogging experiments.
  3. I just love Instagram, ok?

My account is currently private because I post a fair number of Amber photos, but I may add a public one. And then I remember I am neither a public figure nor someone with masses of time on her hands to manage multiple accounts so maybe not. Besides, general life updates would probably only be of interest to family and friends.